Kiara Slaton


Kiara Slaton, McDonald’s All-American Nominee, comes to the program with over 3,400 hours of community service.   Having earned several degrees from the nation’s top universities including Tulane University, Texas A&M, Lynn University, and is a doctoral candidate in Sports Administration; her passion truly lies with education and helping others. Fully understanding the opportunity that female student-athletes are provided, Kiara brings forth a variety of views from within the female athlete scope.


This British native, not only had the honor of playing with a nationally ranked organization but competed against some of the nation’s best players of her era as well. Ending her career due to injury, Kiara was subsequently introduced to athletic administration earning several assistant role titles at various schools including Director of Operations, Tournament Director, Coach, and Athletic Director.


The passion and dedication that stems from these humble beginnings fueled the fire to partner and create a nurturing, safe, and fun environment for post-collegiate women to continue playing basketball which is She Hoops Elite. Kiara continues to give of herself through philanthropic ventures serving on a non-profit Executive Board of Director and actively participating in her Zeta Phi Beta, Inc. Graduate Chapter.

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